How to rock The Comfy Slipper Socks

The Comfy Slipper Socks

 The latest addition to The Comfy Collection: The Comfy Slipper Socks are here, meaning you can now officially be Comfy from head to toe. ! These slipper socks come in a variety of playful colors and you can wear them your way!  

The Comfy Slipper Socks are one size, but we know everyone is an individual, so we’ve created a guide to help you wear it your way. Here are 3 fun ways that we like to rock The Comfy Slipper Socks.:

The Bold Fold 

If your height fits the “Fun-Sized” category, consider going with a double 1-inch fold or an ankle fold for your slipper socks. This style allows all the fun and flair of the many colors available while showing off the cozy sherpa!

The Slipper Scrunch

For a person of average or above-average height (let’s say 5’4 and above), we recommend wearing your socks in a scrunched fashion! This involves rolling your socks near the top to about a few inches above your ankle. This option differs from the first mainly in how you roll the socks. Instead of a fold, you’ll roll the sherpa out to whichever height is ! 

The Sherpa Cuff

Our third recommendation, The Sherpa Cuff is a subtle but stylish option! Simply take The Comfy Slipper Socks and give it a once-over half fold from the top. This look gives you all the stylings of the colorful design with a subtle look quite similar to a Christmas stocking! 

The Comfy Slipper Socks are the cozy accessory your feet have been waiting for! Whether you’re a folder or a roller, The Comfy Slipper Socks are the perfect accessory to pair with your Comfy! Try out these options to see which fits your style and let The Comfy keep you comfortable from head to toe year-round.