3 Ways Hugs Improve Our Overall Health

3 Ways Hugs Improve Our Overall Health - The Comfy

A Hug A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

You know that feeling when you just need a hug? The same way sometimes you need a glass of water, or a snack, or maybe an aspirin? There are so many times when hugs are just what the doctor ordered. 

After all, Michael and Brian Speciale’s idea for The Comfy came out of a moment where hugs were needed: Michael was going through a divorce. Seeing his nephew wrapped in total comfort in one of Brian's sweatshirts, he wondered if it would be possible to make it for everyone… and so, the world's first wearable blanket was born! They wanted to wrap the world in a giant hug!

What is it about hugs that make us feel so good? We decided to check out the science behind it!

3 Ways Hugs Improve Our Overall Health

1. Hugging Reduces Stress

Scientists and researchers believe that touch creates oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, in our body. By providing a feeling of safety and security and decreasing our threat response, hugs help us keep calm and carry on.

2. Hugs Help The Immune System

Plus, when you feel supported, your immune system is less likely to go haywire. Yes, our immune systems are trying to help, but when they feel threatened, they tend to overreact and make things worse (anyone, know a mom like that?).  One study found that their infected participants who received more frequent hugs showed fewer signs of severe illness. Move over apples! A hug a day keeps the doctor away!

3. Hugs Bring The Happy

We all know deep down that a good hug makes us happy, but recently a study in a retirement home in New York City found that residents that were hugged three times a day or more had more energy and felt more upbeat.  Can you say, “Bingo!”

So, we think that sums it up. Hugs are scientifically proven to be awesome. Do yourself a favor, and wrap yourself and your loved ones in a giant Comfy hug!

Feel the Happy. 


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