Ok, we’ll be honest: we’re still not 100% sure being on The Tank actually happened. But you saw it, right? That was us, wasn’t it?

What a ride it was. And the same thing could happen to you, too. How do we know? Because our mother said so, that’s why! We’ll explain later. First, the journey.

Original prototype - April 2017

It started back in May of ’17 - just a month after forming our company - when we decided to fly up to an open call in Denver. All we had was a dream, a prototype, and - as you’re now (painfully) aware - our magnificent singing voices!

The Comfy Bros. at the Shark Tank audition in Denver - May 2017

Fast-forward to mid-September, and we’d survived the mounds of paperwork, the stress of advancing through each stage of the process, and the months of uncertainty not knowing if we’d even be chosen to film. As we sat in the on-deck room hearing the commotion of the pitch before us off in the distance, it hit us: ‘We’re gonna be on Shark Tank!!’

Behind the scenes as we get ready for the biggest moment of our lives.

Walking down that famous hallway, having that last set of doors open, and finally stepping into the world of Mark, Lori, Kevin, Barbara, and Robert was the most surreal moment of our lives. This was our chance to stand on the most sacred ground in all of entrepreneurship and pitch five of the most famous names and brilliant minds in business onourproduct. It’s like you’re suddenly inside your favorite TV show - because we were.

We filmed for about half an hour. (It’s then edited down to about an eight-minute segment.) We sang - we laughed - and we stared in amazement as the Sharks tried on their Comfys (even Mark!) and joked around with each other. It’s like time was standing still. Amazing.

Were there things we’d do differently? Of course; we think anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to stand in The Tank would say the same thing. But our goal was to be entertaining, to be compelling, and to sell the Sharks on what we think could be one of the most successful products in the history of the show. Our business was so young that we still didn’t have a product to sell, so we knew we’d have to convince the Sharks to invest in us as much as they would be investing in our idea.

That night, driving back to the hotel, was an out-of-body experience. You’re numb. You can’t really process what just happened. But we looked at each other knowing that we’d not only survived The Tank, but that we’d realized our own version of the fabled American Dream. We’re just a couple of brothers from the desert who had a crazy idea. The only difference between us and so many others who have great ideas is that wedid somethingabout it. We took action. We didn’t take no for an answer. And getting back to where this story started - to whyyoushould consider doing the same things we’ve done - we remembered those three simple words our mother always told us: “Why not you?” Yes, mom:Why not us, indeed. We hear you. We’ve heard you for all these years. And after hearing our story we hope it’s you who will now be asking yourself…’Why not me?’

The Comfy Bros & family. Without the support of each of these people, this journey would not have been possible.