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Created by two brothers, The Comfy® has been making the everyday better since launching on Shark Tank in 2017.  Our line of wearable blankets are like living in a giant hug, all the time. Try one out for yourself and start living #TheComfyLife!

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Wrap yourself and your loved ones in a big warm hug with our famous wearable blankets!

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Living #TheComfyLife

What Our Comfy Family Is Saying...


I will have to say it is the best thing ever. It is well worth the money. Everyone should own one.


Like you're wearing an actual cloud... hands down the best purchase I've ever made!


Why isn't every human on Earth wearing this giant sherpa-lined wearable blanket?


Where has this been all my life?! This is by far the best thing I have ever owned!


This is so warm and cozy. I love The Comfy. I would recommend it to anyone. I like to snuggle up and watch TV. Saves on heating costs!


I bought four so everyone in my family could have one, and we absolutely love them. It's 100% worth the investment and can fit a large variety of sizes.

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