5 Reasons A Wearable Blanket Will Change Your Life

5 Reasons A Wearable Blanket Will Change Your Life - The Comfy

The Comfy, the original, wearable blanket, has gained street cred across the world for being the coziest, most innovative, snuggle solution to date. Don’t believe us? We’ve conducted a deep-dive investigation into how The Comfy will be the best, softest life hack you’ve ever invested in. 

According to the Principle of the 5 Ws, a report is only complete if it answers the interrogative questions of who, what, where, when, and why


WHO is The Comfy made for?

  • Anyone from the ages of 5 to 105 who enjoys the feeling
    of being wrapped in a giant, plush hug
  • Also pets… Can’t find your chihuahua? They’re probably snuggled up in the hood of your sherpa-lined, leopard print Comfy Original.

    WHAT is The Comfy?

    • The Comfy is the world’s first wearable blanket — a Shark Tank sensation that has made cozy living the most fun and functional it’s ever been. 
    • The ultrasoft microfiber and sherpa-lined products range from The Comfy Original™, The Comfy Dream™,  The Comfy Original™ Quarter-Zip, The Comfy Teddy Bear™ Quarter-Zip, and The Comfy Original™ Jr. (don’t forget the kiddos!). There’s a weight, softness, and thickness that’s just-right for every climate. 

    WHERE do you wear The Comfy?

    The places you can wear The Comfy consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

    • The couch, or anywhere in front of a TV
    • The car, especially when you’re buckling in for a long road trip
    • Inside, or outside, of a cabin in the snow 
    • In a camping tent, or your aunt’s RV, or your trendy friend’s new Airstream (#Vanlife)
    • The dog park
    • The park park
    • The sunset beach picnic 
    • The home office
    • The local 7-Eleven for a midnight snack when all self-restraint has died in the last Grey’s Anatomy episode

    WHEN do you wear The Comfy?

    • In the morning when you dread stepping out of bed into the cold, cold world
    • When it rains or snows, or just looks sort of gray outside
    • In the middle of the night when your dog wakes you up to go pee outside
    • When you’re bloated 
    • When there’s a meteor shower that only happens once every 76 years
    • When you just get out of the ocean and your freezing, but your skin is too salty and sticky to pull on clothes
    • When there is a statewide heat and electricity outage in Texas in the midst of a record-breaking winter storm
    • When clothes just don’t feel like an option

    WHY The Comfy will rock your world?

    • No more cold shoulders. You can read, eat popcorn, tidy the house, drink your morning coffee, etc… without your blanket slipping off at the slightest movement.
    • You’re your best self when warm. It’s scientifically proven that being cold reduces productivity; while being warm improves blood circulation and concentration.
    • Life’s more fun when you’re Comfy. TikTok research has shown the throwing on a Comfy makes a person 93% more likely to break out in choreographed dance. 

    What better way to bond at your college dorms?! 🥺👯‍♀️ ##TheComfy ##Dancing ##Roommates ##dormlife

    ♬ original sound - The Comfy

    So, there you have it. If this thorough investigative report doesn’t convince you of the pure, life-altering power of The Comfy, then we urge you to take the matter into your own hands! Add a Comfy to your wardrobe, and #FeelTheHappy first hand. 

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