College Basketball Season in Full Swing

College Basketball Season in Full Swing - The Comfy

It's March and you know what that means! College basketball's biggest stage is set, and the whole world will be watching. The Comfy is here to help make your watching experience as cozy as possible! The Comfy College collection is your perfect companion, whether you’re heading to the games or chilling on the couch watching the big screen with friends. With 28 schools to choose from, you can rep your college no matter if they made the cut or not! 

March will be full of thrills and surprises over the next few weeks! The Comfy wants to help you stay ready with some fun facts about the grandest college basketball spectacle: 

  • 70 million brackets get filled out every year
  • Annually, 16.9 million people watch the championship round 
  • The chance of filling out a perfect bracket is   

         1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 or 9.2 quintillion!

  • These games have been played for nearly 80 years yet only 35 schools have taken home the championship trophy
  • The competition began in 1939 with only eight teams invited.
  • The lowest-ranked school to ever win the championship was an eighth seed 
  • There has only been one year where all four number one seeded schools advanced to the championship round: 2008 
  • Pizza orders nationwide increase by 19% during March



Use these fun facts to impress your friends and colleagues all March long! Remember, you may not fill out the perfect bracket but you can always be perfectly cozy in The Comfy College collection! Find your school!

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