College GameDay Party Must-Haves

College GameDay Party Must-Haves - The Comfy

Calling all college sports fans! Make sure you're ready if you're planning a tailgate party for the big game. The Comfy has compiled a list of five game day party essentials that will ensure you win the party even if your team does not win the big game!

1. Your Favorite College Comfy!

There's no better way to show your team spirit than by wearing a Comfy from The Comfy College collection! Whether you're an alumni or a lifelong fan, The Comfy College will keep you warm during the game while making you the biggest fan at the party. It won't matter whether your team wins or loses on the field because you'll be undefeated; there is no such thing as a loss when you're wrapped up in a huge hug!

2. Food selection and a good BBQ grill

A good grill and food choices are a fantastic place to start when having a game day party of any size. A nice BBQ grill and a skilled grill master can keep everyone happy and focused throughout the game. A variety of favorites, such as burgers and hot dogs, as well as vegetarian options, will ensure that everyone has a full tummy while watching the game. Pass the chips and dip, please!

3. Fun Party Games

Party games help spice up a party, especially during commercial breaks and halftime. Be sure to supply your game day party with a variety of games for all ages. Classic games include cornhole, ladderball, and trivia! Be cozy in your Comfy while you win all the games.

4. A Good DJ or Playlist

Let's face it: whenever The Comfy is around, a dance party is unavoidable!
A good DJ has the qualities of reading the room and always taking song requests. No one wants to listen to the announcers for the entire game, so get your playlist ready with energy-boosting songs. Good music can make the big game that much better! And always have that celebration playlist for when your team is holding up the championship trophy! The Comfy is loose fitting so you won’t feel constricted while showing off your dance moves.

5. Goodie Bags or Prizes

Who doesn’t love a surprise gift? If going all out as the game day host is your style, consider having prizes to win in contests at your party! This sweet surprise can be home team-themed, with the winner having the chance to win a Comfy gift card or The Comfy with their favorite college! A fun little gift bag idea is an affordable way to make sure every guest goes home happy no matter the team they’re rooting for!

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