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Memorial Day Facts - The Comfy

The Comfy wants you to enjoy the long weekend, but we want to remind you what this holiday is all about. Memorial Day Weekend is an opportunity to reflect and show gratitude toward those that gave their lives for our freedom. We want to present to you some facts about the holiday and some of its history:  

  • Memorial Day began as “Decoration Day” from 1868 to 1970  
  • Decoration Day originally recognized the fallen soldiers of the Civil War until World War I
  • On Memorial Day, federal buildings are ordered to fly the American flag at half-staff from sunrise to noon. Afterward, the flag is to be raised to the top of the staff until sunset. 
  • Memorial Day Weekend in the United States is unofficially marked as the beginning of summer 

This weekend is all about the remembrance of those that fought for this country. Use these facts to help inform others about what this day means. The Comfy wishes you and your family a safe and meaningful Memorial Day Weekend!

The Comfy wants to thank you for your service! We offer military discounts for veterans, active duty, and dependants. 

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