National Comfy Day: Celebrating 5 Years of Feeling The Happy!

National Comfy Day: Celebrating 5 Years of Feeling The Happy! - The Comfy

February 20th is National Comfy Day and The Comfy’s 5th Birthday! To celebrate let’s take you down a brief timeline of a fast and fun 5 years while also taking a peek into the exciting things the future holds! 


A trip back to 2017:

Our journey began when co-founder Michael found his nephew, Saxon, trying to stay warm while napping on a cold Arizona day. He was napping in an oversized sweatshirt with his legs tucked in and a sherpa blanket beside him. Inspired by the idea of wrapping the world in a giant hug, Michael and Brian Speciale created the world’s first wearable blanket!

The Brothers moved quickly to create a prototype, which would become The Comfy Original! They then auditioned and proposed their creation to the investors of Shark Tank. With a fun song, lots of smiles, and huge passion, The Brothers landed a deal with Barbara Corcoran! They were off to the races to get The Comfy on the shelves so people around the world could Feel The Happy™.

It’s been a wild ride ever since. Today, The Comfy is sold in over 100 countries around the world, and we’ve expanded with a range to keep everyone wrapped in a giant hug!! Here’s a shortlist of the great products that have come to life since our inception: 

The Comfy Original Jr

The little ones in our life love to be comfy too! So we created a variation of The Comfy Original that lets them Feel The Happy!

The Comfy Original Quarter-Zip

The same look and feel as The Comfy Original, but with the ease of a zipper! This added feature helps with temperature control and makes getting it on and off a breeze. 

The Comfy Dream

A single-layer version of The Comfy Original made with luscious micro-fiber for a lighter feel. The Comfy Dream really feels like being wrapped in a baby blanket and is perfect for spring, summer evenings, and autumn. 

The Comfy Dream Jr

The kiddos love this lighter version that can be enjoyed while watching movies or playing around the neighborhood with friends! The Comfy Dream Jr. came to life so this single-layer goodness could be enjoyed everywhere.

The Comfy Teddy Bear Quarter-Zip

With The Comfy Teddy Bear Quarter-Zip, you can wrap yourself and your loved ones in Teddy Bear goodness! It’s the biggest and fluffiest sherpa wearable blanket available! 

The Comfy Slipper Socks

Finally, warm from head to toe! We made our slipper socks with the same sherpa goodness that's in The Comfy Original. Chenille yarn exterior with a plethora of colors, these socks will rock your world! The walk from the couch to the fridge and back has never been cozier!

The Comfy College

We launched our collegiate products for 28 awesome schools! The Comfy Original Quarter-Zip is embroidered with your college's logo on the front pocket and proudly displayed on the back. On-campus or at home, repping your school has never been this cozy! 

The Comfy Character Collection

We partnered with some of your favorite brands to create a whole catalog of adorable Comfys! This growing collection is perfect for the whole family!

The Comfy Noso Patches

The official way to customize The Comfy! Noso patches are built to last and this durability is exactly what we stand for here at The Comfy. With 6 exclusive patches made just for The Comfy.

5 years in and with a National Comfy Day on the official calendar, we know we’ve come a long way, and we’re just getting started! 

So thank you Comfy Nation for your support and love. And be on the lookout, we have plenty of new surprises coming your way.

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