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National Polka Dot Day - The Comfy

January 22nd is finally here! National Polka Dot Day is in full swing, celebrating the icon that made polka dots popular, Disney’s Minnie Mouse! This fun day gives you plenty of options for showing your spirit, from wearing your favorite polka dot outfit to revisiting some of your favorite classic Disney Minnie Mouse television features! Let’s take a walk down memory lane by looking at how the polka dot print became so popular!

History of Polka Dots

Polka Dots have been an American fashion statement for generations but originally was conceived in the 1800s, in Europe through Polka Dancing. The pattern made limited appearances in the fashion world until it was popularized by Disney’s Minnie Mouse! She first appeared in 1928 but didn’t show off her polka dot fashion until 1940, giving inspiration through television sets across the globe! Since 1940 polka dots were a staple of pop culture going all the way into the 1960s, with Disney’s Minnie Mouse leading the way as the queen of polka dots.

Get in the Polka Dot spirit!

Today, polka dots are looked at with a retro perspective, due to their wide popularity in the ’40s and ’60s in fashion culture, thanks to Minnie Mouse! There are various ways to commemorate National Polka Dot Day, but we recommend The Comfy Character collection featuring Disney's Minnie Mouse. 

 The Comfy has you covered with 3 different versions that let the whole family represent Disney’s Minnie Mouse! In the spirit of the day, The Comfy Original in Disney’s Minnie Mouse Polka Dot is a great place to start. A Minnie Mouse patch adorns the pocket of the black Comfy with a red and white polka dot sherpa lining. We also have Minnie Mouse prints on our lighter The Comfy Dream in cherry red tie-dye. And for the little ones, The Comfy Original Jr. with Disney's Minnie Mouse, polka dot bows, and hearts. 

This January 22nd, show your love for all things Disney Minnie Mouse and polka dots! The Comfy Characters collection will keep you cozy and wrapped in a giant hug no matter the occasion!  


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