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Pets in The Comfy - The Comfy

National Puppy Day, is a day dedicated to the furry companions in our life! Our animal friends like to be just as cozy as us, that is why they love The Comfy! They like to be snuggled up with us while we’re wearing The Comfy or take it over while we’re away. Chihuahua’s and big hounds alike all love the softness of our sherpa!

Pets in The Comfy make for the cutest photos, lets's take a look at some of #ComfyNation’s furry friends on camera!

The Comfy was originally made to keep us warm and cozy, but our four-legged companions wanted in on the action! Relaxing with your dog or any other pet helps them feel comforted and creates a bonding experience. Even when you’re away The Comfy helps keep your pet calm and wrapped in a giant hug! So, for National Puppy Day give your pet some extra loving (and maybe a few extra treats) and relax with them in The Comfy! 

It's national puppy day, but we love seeing our purry friends as well! Share those wonderful snapshots of all your pets in The Comfy and don’t forget to tag #ComfyNation! 

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