Photo Op Ready, With The Comfy!

Photo Op Ready, With The Comfy! - The Comfy

Tis’ the season for togetherness! This chilly time of year is best spent wrapped in a wearable hug but also spent with loved ones. Celebrating the New Year always has a magical way of bringing the gang back together under one roof. For special occasions like this, you should be ready to take some memorable photos. The Comfy is here to ensure you’re photo-op ready!

Easy Theme for Guests 

The turn of the calendar and especially wintertime means being dressed up in extra layers. When hosting or helping to plan a gathering, suggest everyone come dressed cozily in their favorite Comfy! All your guests will be nice and toasty, ready for an epic group picture! Coordinate with your friends and family by wearing matching Comfys for your picture-perfect shoot.

Create a Photobooth 

These photo opportunities can always use some jazzing up! Create an area at the party venue specifically for taking pictures. Using props and decor from around the house can make every photo Instagram-worthy! Your improv photo booth can include funny signs and party masks. No matter the theme of your photo booth, one thing will remain the same, everyone will be stylin’ in their favorite Comfy! 

However you and your loved ones celebrate ringing in the New Year, adding in The Comfy is sure to make it memorable and cozy! 

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