Sugar-Free? Gift The Comfy This Easter

Sugar-Free? Gift The Comfy This Easter - The Comfy

Oh Easter! The season for decorating eggs, hunting for eggs, chasing bunnies, and marveling at springtime flowers. This year, add to your Easter traditions by wrapping everyone in a wearable hug and make this a holiday to remember! Here are some fun ways to Comfy this Easter:


Decorate Your Comfy - Make your favorite wearable blanket uniquely yours! Our Noso Patches make it easy and fun to add flair and customize your Comfy. Noso Patches are easy to apply and the kids will love the adorable designs! Check out this TikTok on how easy it is to customize The Comfy with Noso Patches: 

Folding The Comfy on TikTok

Hunt for The Comfy - Keep them guessing this year with The Comfy Hunt! The Comfy Dream Jr in Sherbert Tie Dye, Cotton Candy Tie Dye, or Heather Purple could be the prize. These colors will coordinate with all of your Easter decor, making for a great family photo upon the Easter hunt conclusion! 

Chocolate & The Comfy - These two go hand-in-hand. Enjoy Easter chocolates wrapped up in The Comfy Dream! The ginormous pocket makes sneaking a few extra candies for yourself easy!

Start a new tradition this year by making it a very Comfy Easter. Make sure to include one in your Easter baskets or Easter egg hunts. Share your cute Easter family photos with us on social media using the hashtag #TheComfyLife! 

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