Taking Care of Your Sherpa

Taking Care of Your Sherpa - The Comfy


Comfy season is in the air! Long days snuggled up cozy and warm in our favorite wearable blanket. During Comfy season we get a lot of requests on how to care for your Comfy. Regular readers will know we recommend washing The Comfy about as often as you would a blanket or pair of jeans. But we also have some tips for keeping your sherpa in cozy, Comfy condition! 


Washing your Comfy

Let’s start with washing your Comfy! As we said earlier, you want to wash it as often as any of your household blankets, which is not often. Load The Comfy in the wash by itself or together, with other Comfy’s in the household. We recommend starting your washing machine set on a gentle cycle with cold water. Include half a cup of distilled white vinegar to ensure your Comfy comes out spotless, soft, and smelling fresh as ever. To ensure The Comfy stays fluffy, tumble dry on the low setting, your beloved sherpa is not a fan of high heat! 

Reviving the sherpa in your Comfy

Brushing the sherpa after the wash cycle is simple and easily removes built-up fibers. Taking any household brush, make gentle, circular movements to brush the sherpa. Gently brush outward from the sherpa and revive the sherpa lining all at once! 

Helpful Tip: Start the brushing process while The Comfy is still damp so the fibers release with ease. 

Caring for your Comfy is easy! Your Comfy is a quality product made to last. Taking these simple steps will ensure that the sherpa inside your Comfy stays fresh and keeps you cozy for many seasons to come! 



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