The Comfy Bros: Sibling Entrepreneurs

The Comfy Bros: Sibling Entrepreneurs - The Comfy

Happy National Sibling Day, a day to honor our brothers and sisters. We’re giving a shoutout to two of our favorite siblings, Brian and Michael Speciale, the founders of The Comfy and inventors of the world’s first wearable blanket.. Their bond and entrepreneurial spirit is the reason we are able to wrap the world in a giant hug. 

Siblings can help encourage each other to be the best they can be. Being successful doesn’t mean you have to do it alone - collaboration can lead to amazing possibilities. There are so many successful siblings:


  • The Special Comfy Bros: Brian and Michael created an amazing product, The Comfy. Hear more about their start and journey : Be Better podcast 
  • The Williams Sisters Venus and Serena grew up playing tennis together. Now they’re both considered some of the greatest athletes in sports history.
  • The Wilson Performers Luke and Owen, both stars in their own right, have also starred in features together since the ’90s. 
  • And let’s not forget the famous Olsen Duo: Mary-Kate & Ashley: television and movie superstars as children who went on to even greater heights with their fashion line.


What do you and your siblings like to do together? Whatever hobbies or activities you share, be sure to do them in The Comfy! We love seeing #ComfyNation’s siblings match in their favorite Comfys inside and out, all year round. 


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