Ways You Can Lower Your Heating Bill

Ways You Can Lower Your Heating Bill

The 2022-2023 winter season has been one for the books. With storms stretching across the U.S., we are all doing our best to stay safe and warm. With low temps creeping up, we have 3 ways you can lower your heat bill this winter and save some $$$!

Step 1. Let that sunlight in! ☀️ Daylight not only brightens up your space but using it to your advantage can save you some pennies. Having natural sunlight fill your room reduces the need for internal lights and lets the warmth of the sun heat up your living space. So open up those blinds and let mother nature help you out!

Step 2. Pull on The Comfy Slipper Socks 🧦 Heat releases out of the body from the head and the feet. So a trick to increase your core body temperature and stay at a nice warm level is to keep your feet covered! Enter The Comfy Slipper Socks. You can roll ‘em up for extra warmth, slouch them for maximum comfort or fold them over for a cozy sherpa cuff. The possibilities are endless and the warmth is out of this world! Heater? Never heard of it!  

Step 3. Blanket who? It’s The Comfy! ☁️ Gone are the days of wrapping your blanket around you to walk around the house or struggling to leave the comfort of your warm bed on a chilly morning. The Comfy Original is a double-layered wearable blanket with luxurious fleece microfiber on the outside and premium fluffy sherpa on the inside. Double layers = double the warmth! If you’ve ever wanted to hug a cloud, that is super warm and cuddly, this is your chance!

So let the sunshine in and wrap yourself in The Comfy!  You’ll be ready to tackle this 2023 winter season and more! ❄️ 

Pro tip - if you’re an outdoor adventurer, try The Comfy Splash! It’s our latest water-resistant wearable blanket that makes walking the dog in the rain, cheering on your favorite team in the chilly stands, and outdoor hiking COMFY.


Author: Cheyenne Comeaux

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