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Comfy for the Holidays!

The Comfy Characters

Calling all Mickey Mouse Fans and Spidey Fans! We are ears over heels in love with our new Disney and Marvel collection featuring The Comfy® Original.TM  Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Marvel’s Spider-Man take center stage and will have you feeling the happy instantly!  The Comfy® OriginalTM wearable blanket is the world’s first of its kind letting you stay warm and cozy whether you’re at home or on the go. Launched on Shark Tank, this is the product that started the worldwide craze. The Comfy® OriginalTM  wearable blanket’s huge, one-size-fits-all design combines an ultrasoft microfiber exterior with a luxurious, sherpa-lined interior to make you think you’re being hugged by a cloud. Slip one on and start living #TheComfyLife!TM



Baby Blanket