3 Thought-Starters For National Thoughtful Day

3 Thought-Starters For National Thoughtful Day - The Comfy

Since it’s National Thoughtful Day, we thought it’d be a beautiful opportunity to talk about Comfy Cares, our give-back program designed to help everyone Feel The Happy. When you buy products from The Comfy, you are joining us on our mission to make the world a little bit better. 

Here are 3 things you should know about Comfy Cares!

1. Giving Back Since 2017

When we started The Comfy, we wanted to build a company dedicated to making the world a happier place from the get-go. Our give-back program, Comfy Cares, was built into our original mission, and has been a pillar of our company, well, ever since we started our company!

2. Meet Haley Moore, The Most Thoughtful Person We Know

Comfy Cares is proud to sponsor professional golfer, Haley Moore, who has dedicated her life to end bullying through her foundation, The Haley Moore Foundation. Haley’s mantra Dream, Believe, Achieve motivates all of us at The Comfy. Her perseverance in continuing to reach her goals, and inspiring others as she does so, is what makes her an incredible role model.  We are proud to stand behind Haley’s mission to end bullying everywhere.

3. A Portion Of Every Comfy Sold Goes To Helping Those In Need

When you buy products from The Comfy, you are joining us on our mission to give back. A portion of every Comfy purchase is donated to a cause we care about, including those in need, frontline workers, and the homeless.  So, when you buy a Comfy from us, it feels good... in more ways than one!

At The Comfy, we feel so lucky to be surrounded by such a thoughtful community. We take pride in our mission to give back and are grateful for our partnership with truly inspiring heroes and role models, such as Haley Moore. Thank you for continuing to support our mission to help everyone #FeelTheHappy!

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