3 Ways The Comfy Saves You In The Winter

3 Ways The Comfy Saves You In The Winter - The Comfy

There’s no such thing as too hot or too cold when you have The Comfy® in your household. 

1. Thermostat Peace

We know that everyone loves setting the thermostat to a different temperature. Half the family runs warm and the other half is constantly cold. The Comfy® can help save you time and money by preventing thermostat battles to begin with, at home or in the car. It was designed to make you feel like you’re being hugged by a cloud that keeps you warm no matter where you are, and reviewers are raving about just that.

“I need something like this. As soon as the temps drop below 60 degrees, I am freezing & my husband refuses to turn up the thermostat above 62 in the house. I shiver all winter long. I've had it on already & am really very cozy warm. Can wear it around the house, & use it as a blanket also. SO COMFORTABLE!” Linda

“I bought my Comfy because I'm currently working from home and didn't want to spend a fortune to heat my house all day this winter. Let me tell you, my Comfy is the warmest, fluffiest, snuggliest thing you've ever seen. I know that no matter how cold it gets outside, I won't be cranking the heat up in the house because I'll be wearing my Comfy!” Maureen


2. Cozy All Season

Depending on where you live, weather changes can be drastic and immediate. Being prepared for the swift temperature drops with The Comfy® can help ensure you feel warm and cozy all winter long. With a Comfy for every occasion you can choose whichever one you want! Single layer, double layer, or zipper, there’s no more layers on top of layers to get you through the cold. Slip on your Comfy and you’ll be all set for bonfires, building snowmen, or just trying to beat the freezing temp.

“Living in WI the weather changes often. Snow, ice and cold rains are often in the forecast now. The Comfy fits the seasonal changes very well! I just love it! Wish I had more!!” Mary

“I've had my Comfy for two years and it was the best gift ever. I wear it for camping and just lounging in the winter months. Whenever my husband is chilly I just say, "Shoulda got a Comfy." Kelsey


3. Ultimate Happiness

When we created The Comfy®, our goal was to bring warmth, smiles, and happiness to homes across the globe. There’s nothing quite like the joy of a wearable blanket. Our customers say “it’s like being hugged by a cloud” and we could't agree more! 

“I bought this for my daughter, who is always cold. She has worn this while she sleeps and watches TV. My daughter loves the Comfy. When my daughter is happy I'm happy.” Cory

“I absolutely love my comfy. I would wear it everywhere and everyday if I could. It fits perfectly, it's soft, and it just looks amazing. I'm so happy I have one!” Marcia



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