4 Reasons Why The Comfy Dream Is The Perfect Spring Accessory

4 Reasons Why The Comfy Dream Is The Perfect Spring Accessory - The Comfy

Spring is here, which means it’s time to shed that winter layer! Before you tear up sending your snuggly, sherpa-lined Comfy Original into seasonal storage, remember that spring brings a whole new collection of cuddly Comfy luxury. The Comfy Dream is the light-tempered cousin of The Comfy Original, here to drape you in a single-layered cloak of sensational softness and escort you into the warmer weather in true Comfy fashion.

If feeling like being wrapped in a fluffy cloud all spring long isn’t enough reason to buy The Comfy Dream, we have 4 more for you!

4 Reasons Why The Comfy Dream Is The Perfect Spring Accessory: 

1. It packs easy on adventures!

With the hunkered-down, hibernation days behind us and adventures to be had, it’s time to lighten up! The Comfy Dream is the perfect weight and size blanket to roll up into a backpack for a hike, bring over to a friend’s for a slumber party, or throw in the car for a road trip. Not to mention, it’s wearable! That means one less layer you have to pack. 

2. It keeps you warm when there is a light breeze. 

It ain’t summer yet! (Although, The Comfy Dream is a cool summer night staple…) When spring -- with its cool mornings and chilly evenings -- calls for a light layer, The Comfy Dream answers with the warmest of hugs.

It loves you in the morning and loves you late at night. It loves you in the evening when the moon is shining bright. Oh, springy marinky dreamy dream, springy marinky do, The Comfy loves you.

Ahem, moving on...

3. All new trendy spring styles!

Oh yeah, fashion, baby! Say “goodbye” to winter plaids, and “hello” to tie-dyes, leopard prints, and maybe even some yet-to-be-released firework prints (but you didn’t hear it from us…) The Comfy Dream is here to breathe some new life into your loungewear. 

4. It’s just what you need post-swim or sports.

Wakeboarding on the lake? Wrapping up an evening game of pick-up basketball? The Comfy Dream is the best thing to warm you up, while you warm down from a swim or sweat. Especially during sunset, when it’s getting chilly on the boat or at the beach, The Comfy Dream gives your body the nourishment it needs so you can keep having fun!

So, it’s a date! You + The Comfy Dream, all spring long. Don’t forget to share with us how you spring in your Comfy!

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