6 Fun Ideas For Hosting The Comfy-est Movie Nights

6 Fun Ideas For Hosting The Comfy-est Movie Nights - The Comfy

Lights, camera, Comfy Time! Is there any better way to spend a cozy evening than watching your favorite film snuggled up in The Comfy? Movie nights are a sweet, salty, snack-filled staple.  Although we don’t like to brag over here at The Comfy HQ, we think we’ve pretty much perfected the art of the movie night party. Whether you just want to spend a cozy night in, or are planning a special event to premiere your favorite flick, we have 5 great ideas for turning your movie night into a better-than-theaters blowout. 

1. Wear A Comfy
Because movie nights are about having a Comfy night in! Do it right, and Comfy up! 

2. Design Homemade Movie Tickets

Ticket, please! What’s cuter than inviting your guests over with a homemade movie ticket? Maybe you keep the movie a secret and hand each person an envelope on the way in. When they open the envelope it can have their name with the movie title on it. OR, you can design a movie ticket online and send it over as an e-vite! Mail would be even more fun, but… we know how it is. 

We’ve even made you a designable ticket! Just click the image, print it out, and customize!

3. Create A Snack Bar

Movie snacks, debatably, are just as important as the movie itself. Go all out with a homemade concession stand. Give guests decorated trays (Don’t have time for Party City? Use parchment lined shoe boxes!) and let them loose on the massive bowls of popcorn, and mason jars full of candy, pretzels, peanuts. 

Pro tip: Next to the popcorn bowl, have warmed caramel, hot fudge, garlic salt, and parmesan, so they can make their pop-cornucopia. Hopefully, it doesn’t include all the toppings combined... 


4. Throw A Projector On Outside

If the Summer night is warm, and the backyard is mowed, why not go all out and throw up a projector. We know projectors can get expensive, but there are multiple options for renting. Fill your yard with pillows, lawn chairs, and Comfys, obviously. A portable screen is ideal, but if you have a white sheet, that works too! Just hang it across a vertical wall, or use a stand, smooth out the wrinkles and you are good to go! This little extra work creates a magical night under the stars.

5. Add String Lights

You know that feeling of entering the theater late and thanking the heavens for the little red lights lining the stairs. Create a next-level home theater experience by lining your entryway with small string lights. Turn off all the lights to see your living space transformed. It looks beautiful, and will certainly blow your guests’ socks off.

6. Build Out An Intermission

Elevate the experience, and avoid people constantly getting up for the bathroom, by planning an intermission in the latter half of the movie. This gives everyone an opportunity to stretch their legs, chat, refill… and, yes… hit up the ice cream sundae bar.  

Hopefully, some of these tips and tricks inspire you to celebrate some cinema in true Comfy fashion. If you’re hosting a movie night soon, take some pics and tag us! We love keeping up with our Comfy Nation.

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