9 Ways To Ensure You’re Buying The Original

9 Ways To Ensure You’re Buying The Original - The Comfy

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? That’s what we hear...Well, we are the originators of The Comfy® and the whole wearable blanket category! So if you want to buy the original and the best, you need to grab The Comfy. Here’s how to make sure you are getting the real thing. 

9 Ways to Ensure You’re Buying The Original

1. Material

It’s all about the soft, plush material we use which is a stark contrast to those trying to imitate our original product. From luxurious fleece microfiber to premium fluffy sherpa, The Comfy leaves you feeling like you’re being hugged by a cloud. 


2. Marsupial Pocket

Our pocket was designed with size in mind. We wanted nothing less than a ginormous pouch to match the size of The Comfy. It’s the perfect spot to warm your hands, stash your favorite snacks, or carry your phone...even your smallest pets fit in here!



3. Hood

Just like our pocket, we created a huge hood to keep your head just as cozy as the rest. Plus, it can double as a pillow for ultimate comfort while binging Netflix. If the hood isn’t huge, it’s not a Comfy!

4. Hem

With style in mind, we created a high-low hem which means it’s longer in the back for extra comfort. To make sure you got a Comfy, throw it on and you’ll notice it’s slightly higher in the front. 

5. Huge Sleeves

You probably see a theme by now. We made everything about The Comfy huge! Our sleeves were designed to be oversized so you can easily pull your arms in for full coverage or pop them out if you want to wrap yourself up inside The Comfy. 


6. Oversized

Yep, you guessed it! Everything about The Comfy is oversized. Our first product started with a men’s 5XL and we’ve only gone bigger from there. Sizes vary from product to product, but you can rest assured, all our wearable blankets are ginormous. Find size charts on each product page

7. Cuffs

Since our sleeves are massive, we knew we needed something to prevent them from getting in the way. That’s why we created ribbed cuffs to help keep the warmth in while keeping your sleeves out of everything. 

8. Logo

No logo? Then it’s not The Comfy! Each wearable blanket has The Comfy logo embroidered on the pocket. We will never skip this step, our logo has been with us since the beginning. 

9. Zipper

This is not your average zipper, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. When we launched our newest wearable blankets that feature a zipper, we stamped The Comfy panda on each. Plain zipper? Not us.  

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