3 Ways To Wear The Comfy CoverUp

3 Ways To Wear The Comfy CoverUp - The Comfy

Gone are the cold and uncomfortable days of wearing a scratchy winter headband, face cover, or scarf thanks to The Comfy® CoverUp. It’s made with the same high-quality, easy-to-wash materials that you know and love from The Comfy® Original and because it's from The Comfy, you know you’ll never want to take it off!

3 Ways to Use Your Newest Accessory

1. Face & Neck Covering: Whether you’re in a winter wonderland or looking for a soft material cover up, this is your new BFF. Our CoverUp is designed for breathability and ultimate comfort, so you can ditch that old itchy one you have. It’s a perfect addition for out on the slopes, walking the dogs, or just to be really Comfy!


2. Headband: Goodbye headaches from headbands! Who knew a headband could be so Comfy? By adding some stretch to our premium microfiber, your head and ears will never have to face the cold again. Stay cute and cozy at home or on-the-go.


3. Scarf: Wearing The Comfy® CoverUp™ as a scarf paired with your favorite Comfy is a match made in Comfy heaven! Buttery soft and high quality like all the other Comfys means your temperature will be on point all winter long! Cold? Never heard of it!


Caring For The Comfy® CoverUp™

Our three-in-one accessory is available in four signature Comfy colors: Blue, Black, Blush, and Gray. Made from premium stretch microfiber and 100% polyester, simply throw it in the wash and tumble dry on low. It will come out like new!  

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I love this for when I am out walking the dogs! My nose always gets cold and this face cover keeps me warm and a bonus that it’s so soft.” - Wyn 

“The kids love being out in the snow and we’ve already had some cold days here. This has been a great addition to our winter activities for the whole family.”  Adam

“I bought this as a face cover, and it’s been great, but I love the fact that I can wear it as a headband on my cold winter morning runs.” Molly

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