Celebrating The Comfy's Birthday

Celebrating The Comfy's Birthday

It’s that time of year again! February 20th is Special(e) 😉 for a few reasons: it’s #NationalComfyDay and our 6th birthday! As we celebrate being around for 6 years, we’ll give you a deep dive into The Comfy’s history, original prototypes, and a few fun facts!

For an item that is so soft and warm, would you be surprised to find out it was created in the desert?! That’s right; Phoenix, Arizona is where The Comfy story began with its first prototype in April 2017. The idea for The Comfy was hatched in Brian Speciale’s living room when Michael was staying with him as he went through a divorce. Michael woke up one morning and saw Brian’s seven-year-old son, Saxon, curled up on the couch in one of his brother’s old hoodies. Since it was a men’s XL, it swallowed Saxon up and he just looked so cozy. There was a throw blanket behind Saxon and that is when the light bulb came on. What if those 2 things were combined?! And then The Comfy was born!

However, before we were The Comfy, we were The Cozy. Can you believe it?! After going through the entire pitch in front of all the Shark Tank producers and lawyers, The Comfy bro’s were met with a shocking mandate. The lawyers informed them that The Cozy was too close to another product (not even a wearable blanket) called The Kozie, and told them that if they wanted to pitch the Sharks, they would have to change our name. After a few hours of dragging their feet through a local mall, The Comfy name came to them! Now it was time to change the lyrics to their infamous carol to showcase in the Tank.

Are you ready for this next fun fact? Shark Tank didn’t want us! Our business was so young that we still didn’t have a product to sell, and The Comfy Bro’s were told they would have to wait until next season. However, if you can’t tell by now, The Bros don’t take no for an answer. Brian whipped out his camera so they could show the production team just what they would be missing out on. Spoiler alert - it worked!

“The only difference between us and so many others who have great ideas is that we did something about it. We took action. We didn’t take no for an answer.” - The Comfy Bro’s


So thanks Comfy Nation for sticking with us and living #TheComfyLife for 6 years now! We’re hosting a giveaway on our Instagram where you can win Comfys from us as well as items from Tarte Cosmetics! Enter by February 27th for a chance to win. Giveaway entries will be accepted until 10 am PST on 2/27.


Author: Cheyenne Comeaux

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