College Part 2: The Comfy On-Campus

College Part 2: The Comfy On-Campus - The Comfy

Wearing your college’s Comfy, whether you’re an on-campus student or an alumnus, is the coziest way to let the world know who you’re reppin’! We have a list of some awesome places to show your college spirit on campus this season: 

Wearing The Comfy to The Big Game:

What better way to show your spirit than arriving at the stadium rocking the coziest college item around? With your team's logo largely shown on The Comfy, you’ll be sitting courtside in style! Indoors or outdoors, you’ll be comfortably cheering on your team as they go for the win! 

At the local College hangout spot or pub:

Head down to your College town's local restaurant or pub and hang with fans and friends while sporting your College Comfy. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the game surrounded by fans and support local businesses in your area! Chicken wings, a good beverage, your team on the big screen, and your College Comfy,  that's a slam dunk! 

On-Campus Activities: 

Studying in between classes can be hectic. The Comfy College provides the versatility you need to stay warm going from one spot to another. Hitting the library with friends, the quad for some fresh air and snacks, then back to the dorms! Treat yourself to a wearable blanket that will keep you cozy in transit all while showing your school spirit! Less time worrying about what to wear and more time studying to make The Dean's List!

You may not be on the team, but your College Comfy will always be the MVP of your wardrobe. Representing your college team at the game and on campus has never been easier in The Comfy College! With 28 schools to choose from, we’re ensuring that you can rep in the coziest capacity. From the big game to the library and all across campus, everyone will know you’re the biggest fan in town! 

Thinking of hosting a game day party? Check out our previous blog College GameDay Party Must-Haves for ideas and inspiration when it's your time to host!

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