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Caring For Your Comfy - The Comfy

We get a lot of questions about how to care for your Comfy, and we are happy to report that it’s simple as can be! Our fluffy, premium fabric is made to last, keeping its color and softness for you to stay Comfy all year round. Just pop it in the washing machine, spin it through the dryer, and snuggle back into fresh, fluffy goodness.  Even better, you don’t have to wash it every week like a t-shirt. Think of it more like jeans or a blanket (obviously, it’s a wearable blanket)! 

When it comes to caring for your Comfy, here’s a list of Comfy Do’s and Comfy Don'ts:


  • Machine Wash Cold on Gentle Cycle to keep your Comfy as cozy and colorful as when you first opened it!
  • Tumble Dry Low to keep your Comfy in perfect shape and fluffy!
  • Use Non-Chlorine Bleach Spilled ketchup on your Comfy? No problem! Just make sure you use non-chlorine bleach. 
  • Get Comfy! 


  • Machine Wash Hot to keep your Comfy tip-top, avoid the high heat setting.
  • Dry Clean after all, it’s not a prom dress! 
  • Hot Iron our polyester fabric is super durable and warm, but it doesn’t love the heat. 

    See, caring for your Comfy is easy! Follow these simple instructions and keep living #TheComfyLife. 

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