Creating The Perfect Easter Basket

Creating The Perfect Easter Basket

The Easter Bunny is getting ready to make his rounds for 2023 and we’re here to make sure you are ready for the festivities. It can be hard to curate the perfect Easter basket, especially for kids of any age. That’s why we’re here to help you! We are going to help you create the perfect Easter basket that will be the talk of the town this April.

What is the first thing your eyes gravitate towards in an Easter basket? The chocolate of course! (who doesn't love a good chocolate bunny?) Although candy and sweets are the typical go-to item, we know you might be looking for some good alternatives to stray away from chocolate. Easter-themed books such as 'The Easter Bunny That Overslept' is a fun way to entertain the whole family without the cavities.😉

The next thing we want to include in the Easter basket is something to keep them nice and cozy. The Comfy Original Jr. Characters is the solution for you! It’s the fun-sized version of our famous The Comfy Original®—the world’s first truly wearable blanket. Ranging from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, The Mandalorian, Princess, and more, you can no doubt find the perfect Easter companion for your loved ones!

The final touch to our 2023 Easter basket is the iconic decorated eggs. The ideal egg decorating kit contains markers for drawing, stickers for accessories, and jewels to brighten up the room. There are many kits to choose from to create the best little egg army any kid could dream of. We found a 41-piece set on Amazon that is calling their name! This set includes dying cups, color tablets, egg stands, rhinestone stickers, and stickers for days!

We hope that you and your loved ones have a wonderful Easter! P.S. Don’t forget to tag us in your Easter egg hunt photos. We would love to see what goodies the Easter bunny dropped off.


Author: Cheyenne Comeaux

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