Get ready for Halloween!

Get ready for Halloween! - The Comfy



How-to dress up The Comfy for a Spooktacular holiday

Trick-or-treat! We’ve got a treat for you - 4 remixes on classic costumes incorporating The Comfy. You’ll stay cozy all night long from trick-or-treating to pumpkin carving to watching a scary movie. Whatever way you celebrate this wonderful season, it’s always done better with a little inspiration. 


  1. Classic Cats


This costume idea can come together quickly with just a little face paint, whiskers, a little nose and top it off with some cat ears. For a spooky black cat, choose the black Comfy Original and pair it with some black leggings. Be the neighborhood grey tabby and choose the grey Comfy Original and black and grey striped pants. Wanna be a little more exotic? The Snow Cheetah print in the Comfy Dream or the Dark Leopard print will have you strutting through the neighborhood. 


  1. The Lumberjack


The ever so classic lumberjack has always been the strongest in the room, and now they can be the comfiest, too! Use The Comfy Dream Red Plaid colorway as your base, then add some rugged accessories and you’ll be log rollin’ ready. Add a black beanie (the hood is big enough to still pull over), blue jeans, and some hiking boots. Next, stop by your local party store and pick up a plastic axe (no accidents here)! If you want to take it up a (tree) notch, add a fake beard to this look and you’ll be ready for the party or the forest. 


  1. Astronaut

Here’s an out-of-this-world idea for you - an astronaut! A Comfy Original Jr. in the galaxy pattern gives a space vibe. Create a helmet by taking a bike or motorcycle helmet and deck it out with decals and stickers (NASA stickers would be super cool). Add a few other details, like white gloves and a walkie-talkie so Houston knows that you have no problems! Neil Armstrong would approve!

  1. Unicorn

If you feel like keeping your feet on the ground while also adding a little magic and glitter, we think a unicorn is the way to go! Start with either a Comfy Dream in Heather Purple or a Comfy Original in Blush. The next part is the most important, the infamous unicorn horn, which can be made by attaching a slim, styrofoam cone to a headband. Make sure to deck out the horn with ribbon and glitter (of course). Wear leggings or pants that match the light color of The Comfy to be extra convincing.



Remember, a little bit of effort can go a long way when it comes to creating a great Halloween costume! The Comfy is here to help give you some inspiration, and hopefully secure extra treats along the way. Now that your costume is out of the way, it looks like it's time to dig into that Halloween candy!



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