Calling All Super Heroes

Calling All Super Heroes - The Comfy

Happy National Super Hero Day! Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Firemen, nurses, and parents, are some of the real-life heroes! From The Comfy Character Collection to The Comfy Dream you’ll find the one that fits your hero! Show your love for your hero and get them something to say “thank you”.

The Comfy is perfect for the whole family! Your super power will be “coziness” whether relaxing at home after a long day of working or going to the movie theater. 

The little ones can also get in on the action! The Comfy Original Jr. featuring their favorite characters will make them feel heroic! Then, head to the comic book store to pick up the newest comic. End the day curled up in The Comfy with a comic.

National Super Hero day is a celebration of the mightiest heroes! Thank the heroes in your life and be the hero!

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