Guide To Valentine's Day At Home

Guide To Valentine's Day At Home

The most romantic day of the year is just ahead of us. For some, this could be the most blissful day of 2023, for others this can be the most stressful day you will ever have. Some of us will be celebrating with a significant other, our gal pals and friends, or simply having some ‘me, myself, and I’ time. But don’t you worry, you’re in luck today (drum roll!). We present to you The Comfy  Guide to Valentine’s Day at Home!

If food is your love language, let's get to cookin’! A home-cooked dinner is medicine for the soul and the perfect bonding activity for you and your Valentine. The Pioneer Woman curated 90 dinner ideas that are perfect for two in this chilly wintertime! Find the restaurant-quality meal made just for you here.

Not interested in hitting the town and getting on a 2-hour wait list for the local restaurant? If you just don’t feel like cleaning those dishes in the sink, let’s order in! Getting food delivered to your home without having to leave the sofa has been one of the best technological investments in the 21st century. With dozens of apps to choose from, pick your appetizers, main dishes, and desserts by only lifting a finger! Let’s be honest, that hot fudge sundae is way better at home anyway.

Our last step to cap your Valentine’s Day at home is your very own movie night snuggled up with your loved one! Start by popping your favorite movie theater popcorn (don’t forget the extra butter), and gathering your snacks. Comfort is the ultimate goal so next grab The Comfy, extra throw blankets and pillows, and you are one step closer to your very own movie fort! Turn on Netflix and navigate to the Rom-Com section and you’ve effectively made your own movie night!

We hope you and your loved ones have a lovely Valentine’s Day!



Author: Cheyenne Comeaux

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