Meet Our Mascot, Saxon Speciale - Inspiration For The Comfy

Meet Our Mascot, Saxon Speciale - Inspiration For The Comfy - The Comfy

In honor of THE COMFY DREAM JR. GOING ON PRESALE! That’s right... make way for The Comfy Dream Jr. –– the most snuggly and adorable thing to hit the internet since kittens. Seriously, cuteness overload! 

Ahem, anyway… In honor of The Comfy Dream Jr. going on presale, we’d like to celebrate the inspiration for The Comfy, Saxon Speciale. 

The Comfy origin story is short and sweet, just like seven-year-old Saxon wrapped in his dad, Brian’s, XL sweatshirt.  But let us back up…

The idea for The Comfy was hatched in Brian Speciale’s Phoenix, Arizona living room when his little bro Michael was staying with him as he went through a painful divorce. Michael woke up one morning and saw Brian’s seven-year-old son, Saxon, curled up on the couch in one of his brother’s old hoodies. Since it was a men’s XL, it obviously swallowed Saxon up. Michael looked at Brian and said, “Hey Bro, you think they make those for adults?”

Well, sure enough, draped over the back of the couch was one of those plush throw blankets you get at Costco, and just like that, the idea for the world’s first truly wearable blanket was born.

Were it not for Saxon and his fine taste for Comfy-ness, we’d not be here today! The world would be a whole lot less Comfy! 

Saxon’s role as Comfy influencer didn’t stop there though. After The Comfy Original was created, The Comfy Bros thought it may be time for Saxon to get a wearable blanket actually designed for him, aka not one he had to borrow from his dad. Thus, The Comfy Original Jr. was created because kids and adults of all shapes and sizes deserve to be swallowed up in warm, fluffy heaven. 

So here’s to you, Saxon! 

Thank you for inspiring The Comfy Original, The Comfy Original Jr., and The Comfy Dream Jr., which –– did we mention –– is ON PRESALE NOW!!!!

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