National Donut Day

National Donut Day - The Comfy

It’s National Donut Day and we want to see you enjoy this sweet day. 

Donuts are a morning must-have. Make today that much sweeter with The Comfy. Make your trip to the donut shop a little cozier with The Comfy Dream. It’s perfect for those mornings that are still a tad bit chilly. 

Share the love on National Donut Day! Donuts can put a smile on anyone's face, since it's the perfect shareable treat. Grab a dozen donuts and surprise your colleagues at the office! Kids aren’t excited about a bowl of cereal in the morning? Their eyes will light up when you walk in with that box of delicious doughy goodness. Grab the kiddos The Comfy Dream Jr. so they can be cozy while they enjoy the donuts! 

National Donut Day is all about enjoying those sugar-glazed treats and sharing them with others. Grab a few of your favorite donuts and The Comfy and make it a sweet day! 

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