National Napping Day

National Napping Day - The Comfy

Today is National Napping Day, the perfect day for a catnap (or puppy-nap) and let's face it The Comfy was made for this. We’ve rounded up the best tips to tricks to make National Napping Day, the Comfy-est yet! 

Not all naps are the same in terms of effectiveness. There are many factors that go into a nap that is both peaceful and rejuvenating worth your precious daylight hours! 

Good napping habits list 

  • Select The Perfect Companion: The Comfy! An essential for napping at home or on the go, The Comfy keeps you warm without the risk of it falling off like a traditional blanket.
  • Keep It Short & Sweet: Naps ranging from 10-30 minutes are recommended while a 20-minute nap is considered perfect for fighting fatigue.
  • Timing is Everything:  Napping before 3 pm is best to ensure you do not interrupt your nightly sleeping schedule. Quite like drinking a coffee after 3 pm, it’s risky business!
  • Location, Location, Location: Choose an area that is dark, cool, and quiet for a peaceful rest. 

Things to avoid while napping

  • Avoid napping without The Comfy: Other napping accessories such as traditional blankets have their downsides. Blankets provide less convenient coverage, especially when napping on the go! The Comfy will always keep you cozily warm while you’re laying down or getting up for a glass of water or snacks. So the question is, why would you want to nap in anything else? 
  • Avoid over-napping: Sleeping longer than 30 minutes can leave you feeling groggier than before your nap. Better known as sleep inertia, napping longer than expected can send your brain into a deep sleep that is hard to shake off when you wake up. Stick to the 20-minute nap regimen!
  • Avoid Napping after a large meal: Just like not swimming after a big meal, the same goes for napping!  Sleeping without letting your body digest the food can lead to heartburn and doesn’t allow your body to gain proper rest. Strategically plan your naps before or well after lunch so your body does its job properly.

Naps are the perfect way to relax your mind and rejuvenate your body and The Comfy is your number one napping companion. So, Comfy Nation, you know what to do. Pick a color and get ready to relax! 

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