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Noso x The Comfy - The Comfy

The biggest collaboration since peanut butter and jelly: we present to you Noso x The Comfy! These unique patches come in 6 exclusive variations and can be easily applied to your favorite Comfy. Select your favorite one, or add multiple, as these patches are the best way to customize your Comfy!  Check out all 6 of these creative additions to your favorite Comfy!


Our Comfy Panda is now be displayed on favorite your Comfy! The world's coziest mascot is now brought to life and can be worn wherever you choose to stay cozy!


This Noso Fry-Yay patch will bring all the festiveness of the weekend and a craving for the best form of potatoes. The kiddos will love this patch on their Comfy Jr.!


Calling all plant lovers, this friendly succulent patch is what your favorite Comfy has been missing! This smiling little green creature is sure to warm the hearts of all who see it as you rock your Comfy throughout town! 


Ain’t no llama drama here! This llama patch is perfect to put on any Comfy Jr. so your little one can be cozy and rock the cuddliest-looking animal on the planet! 


As refreshing as the air after a rainstorm, the sun is shining on this Noso Rainbow patch! A colorful patch that is sure to add even more vibrance to your Comfy collection! 


We know you’re always feeling lovely n cozy in your Comfy, so get a patch that matches that feeling! Noso’s heart patch is a warm addition that represents all the qualities of being wrapped in a giant hug! 

Noso Patches are durable and built to last, just like your Comfy! Easily apply your Noso patch by removing the paper liner and applying pressure on it from the center outward. Then tumble dry your Comfy on low for 15 minutes and the Noso patch will be firmly set! 

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