Relationship Hack: 3 Ways The Comfy Enhances Relationships

Relationship Hack: 3 Ways The Comfy Enhances Relationships - The Comfy

Fact: couples who Comfy together, stay together. Why? Well first off, when you #FeelTheHappy, you don’t stress the little things. His dishes left in the sink? Her chronically late arrival times? When you’re  Comfy, there are no worries! Hakuna Matata, lovebirds!

But really, The Comfy is the greatest relationship hack in more ways than one. Think extra snuggles, more time spent cuddling on the couch, and the most epic nights in. Here are three ways The Comfy enhances relationships.

1. End The Thermostat War -- They're Hot, You're Freezing 

Tired of having to crank up the thermostat because their definition of room temperature is the arctic tundra? Or, are you done with walking into a sauna for a house because they “run freezing”? It’s pretty rare to find a partner whose body runs at the same temperature as yours. Fret no more! With The Comfy, you can feel snug as a bug while the AC stays blasting, or stop getting bugged from your always cold partner! Household warming has been solved! 

2. Double The Movie Nights, Double The Cuddles, Double The Happy

Is there anything better than a night in with your other half? That’s what makes relationships great right? Ordering takeout, snuggling up in front of a movie, catching up after a long day.  When you add The Comfy into the mix, those nights become a lot more frequent! Nine out of ten times, when choosing whether to stay in or go to your cousin Franklin’s dog’s birthday party, you choose to hunker down with The Comfy. Are there ever regrets taking a night to decompress with your best friend? None have been recorded to our knowledge!

3. Stealing His Sweatshirt Is An Argument Of The Past

It’s no secret that there is something sensational about throwing on a sweatshirt that’s 3 sizes too big for you. That’s literally why we invented The Comfy, a giant wearable blanket that feels even better than an oversized sweatshirt! Whether you’re tired of your favorite sweatshirt going missing, or you’re tired of them complaining about you wearing their sweatshirt, it no longer has to be a problem! Trade out their oversized sweatshirt for a wearable blanket, and it’ll be smooth snuggling from here on out.

At The Comfy, we love love. Why not take your relationship to the next level and invest in some matching wearable blankets? Keep Comfy and snuggle on!

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