Road Trip Necessities For Spring Break

Road Trip Necessities For Spring Break

Spring break is just around the corner and it’s time to start prepping for that infamous road trip with all your pals. But what should you pack? We’ve curated the perfect road trip necessities list to ensure your spring break is filled with good times and comfort!

To kick us off, you’ll need your earbuds. Although a big part of road-tripping is chit-chatting and rocking out with those in the car, sometimes you just need to sit back and relax with the music you want to listen to. Bonus points if those earbuds are noise-canceling! Not vibing with any music during the car ride? A road trip is a perfect time to catch up on that podcast you swore you would start in the new year. You can get some DC entertainment with the new top-charting ‘Batman Unburied’ or some comedic relief with ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. Or let your true-crime detective side out with ‘Betrayal’. Whatever you listen too is all good with us, just bring something to listen with and thank us later!

If music and podcast aren’t your jam, that’s cool – you can download your favorite movies and shows! Companies such as Disney+, Apple TV, Hulu, and HBO Max allow you to download them before your trip so you can still binge-watch without wifi on the road. Awesome! It’s the perfect time to bingewatch some of our favorites, like The Last of Us, You, Outer Banks, or Yellowstone! But again, refer to the note above. Don’t forget those earbuds!

Okay – onto the safety part of your spring break road trip. It is important to ensure you are prepared for anything that can happen while on the road. Before you leave, make sure you have a spare tire and a side-of-the-road kit. AAA recommends storing ‘a fire extinguisher, jumper cables, motor oil, radiator fluid, nonperishable food, drinking water, blankets, and a roadside emergency kit with flares and flashlight in your vehicle to ensure you are prepared for any roadside issues. Having all of these items with you will help keep you and your loved ones safe in the case of an emergency on the side of the road in unfamiliar territory. Remember, safety first!


We saved the #1 essential for your spring break road trip for last, which is The Comfy! The Comfy is the epitome of comfort on the road. It will be your top-secret weapon for getting cozy and relaxed during the long drive as a passenger prince or princess. The Comfy is a great companion for the car because you don't have to share your blankets with others! We recommend taking The Comfy Dream. It will be your cocoon of warmth and comfort. It’s lightweight, packs easily, and doesn't take up much room. Leaving tons of extra room for your favorite snacks and extra leg space!

Wherever your spring break takes you, the list above will have you covered! Now it’s time to get organized and hit the road. P.S. We would love to see your adventures so share pictures of your trip online with #TheComfyLife ❤️ Stay safe and have fun Comfy fam!


Author: Cheyenne Comeaux

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