Stargazing In The Comfy: 3 Summer Constellations You Don’t Want To Miss

Stargazing In The Comfy: 3 Summer Constellations You Don’t Want To Miss - The Comfy

Oh, summer nights! As we’re entering late summer, we plan to spend as much time soaking up all the beauty and stillness the great outdoors has to offer. And what better way to take advantage of the perfectly cool evenings and the star-studded sky than snuggling up in The Comfy and counting the constellations? 

Seriously, whether you’re planning for a date night, a family outing, or some solo soul searching, summer stargazing does not disappoint. We want to make sure you’re well equipped, not only with The Comfy -- which is an absolute snuggly staple for a night outside -- but with a guide to 3 summer constellations that will make you look like a pro!

1. The Summer Triangle

Ok, so the Summer Triangle isn’t exactly a constellation, but an asterism – an unofficial but recognizable group of stars -- however, it is a spectacular summer sight. Located high in the south and southeast all night through summer, this asterism is connected by three stars: Altar, Vega, and Deneb. Deneb is around 2,000 lightyears away and one of the most distant stars you can see with the naked eye. Bring The Comfy with that sweet factoid and your guest will be to infinity and beyond impressed.

2. Scorpius

Scorpius, the scorpion is another Comfy constellation favorite. Why? Unlike most constellations, it actually kind of looks like its name. You’ll find this guy low along the southern horizon all summer. Keep your eyes peeled for Antares, the bright red giant star (about 550 lightyears away), and then picture the stars Acrab, Dschubba, and Nur as its head and claws. 

3. The Teapot in Sagittarius 

Most of the Archer’s stars that make up Sagittarius are dim and indistinct, but its brightest few come together to form the Teapot asterism. The Comfy loves the Teapot because The Comfy and hot tea go together like chocolate and peanut butter. You’ll find the Teapot chasing Scorpius, low along the southern hemisphere. The centre of our Galaxy is out in that direction, where you see the majestic Milky Way, flowing next to the Teapot like steam.

Stragazing in The Comfy is a summer night must-do. The Comfy is all about dreaming big, and when you’re all snuggled up, looking into the expansive night sky, there’s no limit to where your dreams can take you. Send us photos of you stargazing in your favorite Comfy!

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