Summersgiving – 5 Things We Are Thankful For

Summersgiving – 5 Things We Are Thankful For - The Comfy

The Saturday after the Summer Solstice has officially been proclaimed as Summersgiving! Since 2019, this summer celebration has earned its spot on the National Day Calendar, where friends and family can gather around, soak up some sun, and feast on turkey a season early!

Turkey or no turkey, we think this is a great opportunity to share with you guys some things we are grateful for at The Comfy. 

1. Taking Chances And Swimming With The Sharks

Were it not for Shark Tank taking a chance on us on the holiday episode, and if it were not for Barbara believing in us, we wouldn’t be here today! Could you imagine a world without Comfys?! Gah, we don’t even want to think about it! So here’s to taking risks and reaping The Comfy rewards. Thank you, Shark Tank, and thank you, Comfy Queen Barbara!

2. Our Comfy Fam At The Comfy HQ

Teamwork makes the dream work. The Comfy crew works year-round to keep the world wrapped in a giant hug. Through the ups and downs, the start-up days and the crazy days, The Comfy team has worked tirelessly, yet never forgets to #FeelTheHappy. 

3. The Comfy Pets

In our opinion, every animal is an emotional support animal. Especially in the past year, our pets have provided endless support, cuddles, and licks (sometimes a little too many of those…)! Even though they might use our Comfys more than we do, they bring us irreplaceable joy and loyalty.

4. Naps

We’re just really big nap lovers. Who doesn’t love a nap? 

5. You guys! Our Comfy Nation

Most importantly, we are so unbelievably grateful for our Comfy Community! Nothing brings a smile to our faces like seeing photos of all of you living #TheComfyLife. We started The Comfy with the mission to wrap the world in a giant hug, and seeing that mission come to life fills us with pure love and gratitude.

It’s never a bad day to celebrate gratitude (or eat some apple pie)! Give your family and friends a big smooch, and show some extra love on this beautiful Summersgiving day!

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