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The Comfy Story - The Comfy

If you know The Comfy®, you might’ve heard about us on Shark Tank, through a friend who is obsessed, or by searching for the most comfortable blanket you can wear! Whatever it may be, we are glad you found us to bring warmth and smiles to your home. So cozy up and gather ‘round, it’s time to share the story of how The Comfy became The Comfy®.

How It All Began

It started on a chilly day in Arizona where our co-founder, Michael, woke up to his nephew on the couch with a sherpa blanket behind him and his arms and knees pulled in an old sweatshirt. Looking at the comfy blanket and the old hoodie, the AH HA moment came to be. Who doesn’t want to be wrapped in an oversized, warm piece of clothing that also doubles as a blanket? There wasn’t anything in existence like it, so Michael and Brian started brainstorming ideas to bring The Comfy® to life. 

The Year Of 2017

It took endless nights and many prototypes later but eventually they landed on The Comfy® Original. Forming the company in 2017, The Comfy Bros set out to make their dream a reality and took a shot for an open call audition to be on Shark Tank in Denver. When they burst out in song, singing about The Original, a producer started filming them - they knew they had hit something special. By Fall, they were face-to-face with the Sharks and pitched the original wearable blanket.

From The Tank To The Shelves 

With Barbara Corcoran on board, the next thing to do was start selling! A small but mighty team with big dreams and a lot of grit, landed The Comfy® in Costco, Macys, Target, and many more national retailer storefronts. Fast forward to 2020 and The Comfy® is now available online, in a variety of retailers, and seen on social media everywhere.   

Where We Are Now

It started with The Comfy® Original and has expanded to a range of products designed to wrap everyone in a giant warm hug. Sold in over 80 countries with millions of happy customers, thousands of 5 star reviews, and press coverage ranging from Good Morning America to USA Today, The Comfy® is beloved by all.  So go ahead, slip one on and Feel The Happy!™, and never give up on your dreams.

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