The Things We Love About Dad

The Things We Love About Dad - The Comfy

It’s Father’s Day and we’re feeling a bit sentimental. Dad’s rock. They’re always there for us when we need them, and even when we don’t. Sure they may have their quirks, but that’s why we love them. 

Here are just three out of the many things we love about dad. 

1. Dad Jokes

Oh, dad jokes…. Those horribly timed, cringe-y punch-lined, almost always unnecessary one-to-ten liners that greet us when we’re least prepared. In fact, the origin story of the “facepalm” starts with a dad joke. 

The question is: have dads always been not funny? Or upon the birth of their firstborn, does their sense of humor take a sudden turn toward cheesy-ville? 

Whatever it is, these consistently poorly executed jokes punctuate our childhood and beyond. They are just what makes dad, well, dad.  Dads, we may not be laughing with you, but we are often laughing at you. So thank you for the lifetime of giggles! 

2. Dad Shirts & Sweatshirts, Our Snuggle Suits

At The Comfy, we believe the bigger, the snugglier. Who doesn’t have fond memories of stealing dad’s XL tees for PJs and nightgowns or their ginormous sweatshirts for a wearable blanket… If it wasn’t for Saxon Speciale setting up cozy camp in his dad Brian’s large hoodie, the idea for The Comfy would never have been born!

There’s something about stealing dad’s favorite tee –– the smooth, worn-out cotton, the smell of him on it, the oversized goodness –– that gets us #FeelingTheHappy.

3. Our Biggest Cheerleader

Early morning swim meets and soccer games, trips to sports stores to buy the cleats and mitts you never stop outgrowing, the patient (or not so patient) driving lessons, the college phone check-ins when our brain is exploding from studying. Dads put up with a lot to watch us play, work, grow  –– and you know what, they even seem to like it! Sure, they may have been more invested in our T-Ball games than we were, shouting directions while we picked grass blades in the outfield, but that just shows how much they love us.

Dads are our best buds: always supporting us, coaching us, tying our shoe-laces, sneaking us ice cream (don’t tell mom), letting us stay up late! Thanks, Dads for being our forever cheerleaders. 

We love you, Dads! Cheesy jokes and all!

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