Valentine's Day: Stay Cozy Together

Valentine's Day: Stay Cozy Together - The Comfy

The Comfy is all about wrapping the world in a giant hug. What better way to express such feelings than on Valentine's Day? When it comes to buying your partner a gift or planning activities, it’s all about thoughtfulness and understanding their interests. We’re here to help you with gift ideas as well as a great date night!

Book Lovers: A new novel in itself is exciting but why not go one step further and match The Comfy with the book! Laidback on the couch, wearing a new Comfy and a novel in hand, is sure to delight the love in your life! We have book recommendations from different genres so you can match The Comfy with the mood of the novel:

The Notebook (Sparks, 1996) Romance: Pair with The Comfy Quarter-Zip in Blush 

Into The Wild (Krakauer, 1996) Adventure: Pair with The Comfy Dream in Sky Blue 

The Guest List (Foley, 2020) Mystery: Pair with The Comfy Original in Charcoal 

Movie Lovers: Surprise the cinema lover in your life with a gift bundle that can turn into date night! Grab tickets to the local movies, buy their favorite snacks, and include The Comfy. This is a great gift that’ll keep your sweetheart cozy and happy no matter the approval score of the movie! Refills on popcorn anyone?

A Night-In: Stay warm indoors and avoid the crowds by planning a fun night-in! Start with your partner's favorite takeout or even a homemade dinner. Curate The Comfy into the night by pairing it with the wine of choice! Does your partner love a good red wine? Pair it with The Comfy Original in Burgundy. Is a bubbly rose on the menu? Pair it with our Comfy Dream in Blush! Keep it light with a white wine paired with our The Comfy Teddy Bear Quarter-Zip in Gray. The Comfy Slipper Socks are the ideal combo for a romantic evening with your significant other. Remember to keep the night personal and fun!

Music Lovers Combo: Vinyl records are back and more popular than ever! For the music collector in your life, buy them a record to add to their new or ever-growing collection. We have some classic record recommendations with Comfys that will match the color scheme as well:

Prince- Purple Rain: The Comfy Dream in Heather Purple 

Ariana Grande- Thank U, Next: The Comfy Original in Pink

Tame Impala- The Slow Rush: The Comfy Teddy Bear QZ Paprika

Remembering small details in your partner's life can help you make this Valentine’s Day perfect. The Comfy is here to add the finishing touch to your Valentine’s Day experience!

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