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Your Snacks & The Comfy - The Comfy

Our latest edition The Comfy Cooks comes on National Eat What You Want day! At The Comfy, we think you should be able to eat what you want, where you want. Our Giant Marsupial™ pocket is the perfect place to keep your snacks secure while you’re on the go! Here’s a shortlist of some of the places you can take your snacks:

To the movies: 

Your hands will be full with your bucket of popcorn and beverage. Use The Comfy’s pocket to place all your candy and additional snacks! Chocolate-covered raisins and sour straw candies are now comfortably secured as you make your way to your seats. Now that you’re cozy and well equipped with snacks, it’s time to enjoy an Oscar-worthy performance! 


For those sunny days at the park, picnics are a snack haven. Forgot your picnic basket? The large pocket of your Comfy makes it easy to carry your tangerines, almonds, and any additional outdoor snack classics! The Comfy Dream will keep you cozy in the cool breeze and the Marsupial™ pocket will keep your snacks close at hand!

Road Trips:

In between being the co-pilot, DJ, and playing trivia games, you’ll probably need some snack fuel. Thankfully, you can have your snacks always within arm's reach with our Marsupial™ pocket! Trail mix, candy bars, fruits, you name it, The Comfy will hold it. Now you won’t have to pull the car over to search through the trunk for your desired goodies. The Comfy will keep you cozy until your next destination is reached! 

The Comfy’s Marsupial™ pocket was made to be extra-large, so take advantage of it! Enjoy all the snacks you want on National Eat What You Want day and tag us at #TheComfyLife with your snack inspirations.

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